Today we visited Beechcroft for our PE session. We to part in tennis and the children loved it! The walk to and from the site also added to the experience.


We have enjoyed reading this year

Our reading recommendations

Click on the link to a google slides presentation.

Final week Science

Our Science topic of Rocks and soils are drawing to a close. The final part we are looking at is the rocks deep below our feet.

Cross section of the Earth


We have been looking at soil profiles today. Below is a powerpoint to help explain.

Soil_Profile lesson Y3

Doctor Who Maze

Performance Poetry day 4

The children, in their groups, are annotating the poems with actions and practising to perform. 


Performance poetry 



This week we are looking at volcanoes as part of our Science work on rocks. The following information maybe useful.

volcano powerpoint Volcanoes

Performance Poetry 

Little Red Riding Hood -revolting rhymes   


In Science, we are looking at fossils and the people who find them. Click on the links below to help.

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