Skara Brae

Twinkl Powerpoint-Skara-Brae-Stone-Age-Information

This might help with the your stone age projects.

3 Types of Rock

We are learning about the different types of rock. Use these pages to start your research:

Stone Age Sites

Click on this link to find out about the Stone Age site of Skara Brae:




The 4 operations

What words do we use for these symbols + – and divide ?

Stone Age

We have just started our new history topic the Stone Age. This is the earliest time period we look at school. So, did dinosaurs live at the same time as humans? How do we know about what happened then?
Get researching!

A Big Thank You

Thank you for all your hard work whilst I’ve been hurt. My back is a little better now and my class are working incredibly hard. Thank you all.
Mr Holland

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