We have been looking at the suffix ness this week. What words can you add ness to?

Shape quiz

A shape that has all the sides straight is called what?

What is name of any 4 sided shape?

Is a rectangle a regular shape?

If a equilateral triangle has one inside angle of 60 degrees. What do the other angles add up to?

What is a right angle?

What is the name of a 6 sided shape?

What is the name of a 9 sided shape?


Causal connectives

This week, we have been learning about causal connectives. The children have been using them to create imaginative reasons/explanations for all sorts of situations. My favourite explanation was for why a jelly wobbles. This is because the jelly always thinks they are going to a party. As a result the jelly wobbles with excitement! Consequently, when you try to eat it, it wobbles off your spoon.

Read for my school

We have started using this website to challenge our readers.

Remember you can use this site at home!

class code 568355

We are still working really hard learning both the abacus and tai chi







Last week we were looking at fractions.
What are the answers to the questions below?
1/4 of 20=
2/4of 20=
1/5 of 30=
3/5 of 30=
1/10 of 110=
7/10 of 110=
3/7of 49=

PE map work


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

We have started to read this as our class text and the children have marvelled at the opening. It starts how some books end.
Try to do what the Iron Man does. Look at a book your reading and turn to the back. Try to start a new story with that as an opening.

Chocolate display


Chocolate project

My children were set a chocolate project over the Christmas. I have been blown away with the work produced! Please take a trip along the year 3 corridor to see them.


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