The Storm Unicorn – Our Talk For Writing Text

The Storm Unicorn is a type of unicorn that is very rare.

Storm Unicorns have a body of a horse and a spiralled horn coming out from the centre of their head. Most Storm Unicorns are a beautiful ebony colour with flashes of gold and silver that look like lightening. As a Storm Unicorn moves it sends out showers of tiny electric splinters. Be careful when you are near Storm Unicorns because their bodies can give off an electric shock!

Like the other unicorns, the Storm Unicorn lives in forests. They are very shy and are not often seen. During the daytime, they sleep under bushes or amongst ferns. At night, the Storm Unicorn emerges and, if you are lucky, can be seen by moonlit pools. They are easy to detect because they make a low rumbling sound as they breathe.

Storm Unicorns have a fairly limited diet. In the main, they live on leaves grass and other forms of vegetation. However, they can also be tempted with apples. Additionally, some like to eat nuts.

Unfortunately, because Storm Unicorns have magic in their horns, this has meant they have been hunted almost to extinction. Their horns are ground down to a paste that can then be used to enchant even the cruellest of tyrants. Over the years, so many Storm Unicorns have been killed they have learnt to stay away from mankind.

The amazing thing about Storm Unicorns is that if you meet one, it can bring you great luck. For this reason, many people still hope to catch a glimpse of this beautiful and fiery creature.


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